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  • HPC Eases its Way Into the Cloud

    The ongoing journey to bring more enterprise high-performance computing (HPC) workloads into the cloud has been a bumpy one with its share of roadblocks and setbacks. As anyone reading The Next Platform has seen over the years, the challenges have ranged from latency to software licensing, application portability to networking costs. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Pratt & Whitney…

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  • VMblog Expert Interviews: Univa Discusses Navops Launch 2.0 & Integrated Support for Slurm

    Univa recently announced Navops Launch 2.0, an updated version of its popular cloud-automation platform that also includes integrated support for the widely-used Slurm workload scheduler. To find out more, VMblog spoke with Gary Tyreman, president and CEO of Univa. VMblog: Tell us about Navops Launch and what’s new in this release. Gary Tyreman: Navops Launch provides a…

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  • Podcast: HPC & AI Convergence Enables AI Workload Innovation

    In this Conversations in the Cloud podcast, Esther Baldwin from Intel describes how the convergence of HPC and AI is driving innovation. On the topic of HPC & AI converged clusters, there’s a perception that if you want to do AI, you must stand up a separate cluster, which Esther notes is not true. Existing HPC…

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