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  • Time is Always Money, Especially with HPC on the Cloud

    Systems management has always been in a race to catch up with the innovation in systems, and it is always nipping at the heels. As systems have gotten more complex, first by expanding beyond a single chassis into clusters of machines operating in concert and then by adding progressive layers of abstraction (heavy virtualization and…

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  • Forrester: The 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change in 2020

    Hyperscale cloud alliances, cloud native innovations, and new cloud security requirements will reshape cloud computing in 2020, a Forrester report found. Forrester released a report on Monday establishing five cloud computing predictions for 2020. The predictions reveal the growing battle for cloud computing dominance, with major cloud vendors evolving and shifting tactics. These predictions will…

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  • Data Science Sparks the Gap Between HPC and Hyperscale

    Nvidia’s new data science servers can handle the entire data science workflow. In a wide-ranging keynote address that ran nearly three hours at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, Nvidia co-founder and chief executive officer Jensen Huang talked up the company’s successes and new products across its graphics, robotics, and AI and HPC lineups….

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