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  • Forrester: The 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change in 2020

    Hyperscale cloud alliances, cloud native innovations, and new cloud security requirements will reshape cloud computing in 2020, a Forrester report found. Forrester released a report on Monday establishing five cloud computing predictions for 2020. The predictions reveal the growing battle for cloud computing dominance, with major cloud vendors evolving and shifting tactics. These predictions will…

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  • Sylabs Announces General Availability of Singularity Enterprise

    Sylabs Announces General Availability of Singularity Enterprise to Accelerate the Adoption of Containers with Cryptographically Verifiable Trust Albany, CA – August 20, 2019 – Sylabs, the leading provider of container platforms for performance-critical applications, announced today that Singularity Enterprise is now generally available as a self-hosted offering, making it faster and easier for businesses to adopt containerization…

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  • How to Provide a Cloud Native Experience for HPC Applications

    High-performance computing (HPC) is the powerhouse of innovation, insight and commercial competitiveness. It is an indispensable resource in this digital age. For example, the sophisticated computer models run by HPC have dramatically increased means of measuring and analyzing the weather in recent decades; helping to improve forecasting and to simulate the impact of climate change…

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