Prepare your IT Staff for a Transition to the Cloud

The cloud requires different types of skills compared to on-premises. While there’s a learning curve to cloud roles, training current staff is a better bet than competing for talent.

Cloud computing can provide various benefits, such as scalability and cost savings, but only in the hands of a properly trained team.

Cloud providers give businesses near-limitless compute resources at the click of a button, so IT staff need to control and manage those services to avoid issues such as underutilization, unbudgeted costs, increased security risks and compliance missteps. Cloud management doesn’t always come naturally to teams accustomed to working with on-premises data centers and virtualized resources.

Some on-premises IT skill sets and jobs don’t exist in the cloud world, or don’t translate well to comparable cloud roles. Plus, IT teams must adapt to cultural and process transitions that come with the shift to an on-demand, internet-based computing model. It’s incumbent on enterprises to be prepared for these changes if they want to succeed in the cloud.

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