Hybrid Approach Emerges for AI Workloads

The discussion surrounding enterprise adoption of AI technologies is shifting from if to when, and what mix of IT infrastructure will be required to deploy and scale machine learning and Hybrid Approach for AI workloadsother workloads.

HPC vendors that have been making inroads in the enterprise market view AI as another opportunity. Among them is supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) which released an industry survey earlier this month that claims a growing shift toward HPC platforms to handle AI workloads. Much of the AI-dedicated hardware is on-premise as early adopters hustle to keep pace with growing computing and storage demands, the vendor survey found.

Few would doubt Cray’s assertion that HPC will play a leading role in enterprise adoption of AI. How that infrastructure is configured and whether, as Cray asserts, much of it will remain on-premise in the form of supercomputers and HPC clusters remains to be seen.

The Cray survey of more than 300 IT administrators notes that nearly 40 percent are using in-house systems to crunch AI workloads. Among the priorities are better performance and what the survey calls “data locality [and] security.”

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