Everything you Need to Know About High-Performance Computing in the Cloud

Highly complex processes like gene analyses, artificial intelligence (AI), and mechanical load simulations demand large amounts of computing power. A few years ago, these processes were implemented using expensive supercomputers. Fortunately, companies can now leverage cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC). cloud-based

HPC can process massive amounts of data in the most efficient way and solve complex problems much faster compared to the previous generation of supercomputers. Additionally, you can lower your costs because there is no need for buying and maintaining expensive hardware.

Why HPC Is Important

Cloud-based HPC is designed to handle extremely extensive, highly complex, and very specific problems in the quickest possible way. For this reason, public cloud providers are including HPC resources in their service portfolio.

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs), for example, provide support for HPC workloads. This includes support for different VM sizes like A9 and A8. In addition, Azure supports the N-series VMs with Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) support and H-series VMs like H16nr and H16r.

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