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  • The Eco-System of AI and How to Use It

    In this video from the 2019 UK HPC Conference, Glyn Bowden from HPE presents: The Eco-System of AI and How to Use It. This presentation walks through HPE’s current view on AI applications, where it is driving outcomes and innovation, and where the challenges lay. We look at the eco-system that sits around an AI project and…

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  • Scaling for 5G: From Data Centers to the Edge

    It’s tempting to think of fifth-generation wireless (5G) as just an incremental improvement. 5G is the number that comes after 4G/LTE after all, but the impacts promise to be epic. 5G networks will reach speeds as high 20 Gbits per second, support 1 million devices per square kilometer, and provide 1 msec latency, unleashing the…

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