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  • Tech focus: cloud

    Cloud technologies are now reaching a level of maturity that is making them appealing to HPC users. Whether using public or hybrid cloud, these technologies offer unprecedented flexibility for users who can create or ‘spin-up’ nodes with specific architectural requirements, use cloud bursting to increase the capacity of their in-house infrastructure – or it can…

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  • Storage Advances for HPC and AI

    The storage market is in a unique position, in that there is demand from both the traditional HPC and enterprise storage markets, such as media and entertainment, alongside new growing markets for AI and machine learning. This has created a huge potential to increase market share for storage vendors, as long as they can deliver…

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  • Ubiquitous Cloud Bursting on the Horizon for Universities

    Cloud bursting is revolutionizing research at universities. A lot of universities are now engaging in cloud bursting and are regularly taking advantage of public cloud infrastructures that are widely available from large companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft writes Mahesh Pancholi, Research Computing Specialist at OCF. The concept of cloud bursting essentially came out of…

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