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  • Making the Most of Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

    The decision to adopt different platforms is often influenced by a number of factors, including the desire for greater efficiency or a wider selection of capabilities. Office 365, for example, is among the most popular platforms available today thanks in large part to the versatility of its applications. Yet another motivation for cloud-to-cloud migration is the need…

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  • Core Considerations when Migrating to the Cloud

    The promise of lower and more predictable costs, enhanced service delivery and greater flexibility are spurring more and more organisations to place all their workloads in the cloud. But there’s an inherent complexity in such an undertaking that cannot, nor should not, be glossed over. Before embarking on a cloud migration strategy, decision-makers will need…

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  • Why did HPE Buy Cray?

    Late on Friday, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) dropped some big news – in more ways than one. The company had acquired supercomputing behemoth Cray, one of the largest and most famous players in the field of supercomputers and high-performance computing (HPC). Recently it has been working with the US Department of Energy on exascale computing projects, and announced in…

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