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  • An Actionable Road Map For Cloud Migration

    While enough has been said about the new possibilities and efficiencies offered by the cloud, both public and private, cloud transformations can still prove to be pressure-packed situations for the CIOs. They’re constantly encouraging standardization across the organization and employee productivity — all in the name of ensuring cost savings throughout the changes that are implemented. Moving…

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  • Google’s Record-Setting Pi Calculation Showcases The Rise Of Cloud Scientific Computing

    In honor of Pi Day, Google announced today that one of its Developer Advocates had completed a record-setting computation of Pi to 31.4 trillion decimal places. On a technical front, the computation presents a fascinating look at the kinds of creative workflows achievable within the cloud, but more importantly, it reminds us how much the world of scientific computing…

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  • The Future Of Big Data Is In The Hybrid Cloud: Part 2

    With interest in big data and cloud increasing around the same time, it wasn’t long until big data began being deployed in the cloud. As noted in my previous article, big data comes with some challenges when deployed in traditional, on-premise settings. There’s significant operational complexity, and, worst of all, scaling deployments to meet the…

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