3 Ways to Unlock the Power of HPC and AI

In this sponsored post, Bill Mannel, VP & GM HPC & AI Solutions Segment at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, walks readers through three strategies to ensure HPC and AI success. 

A growing number of commercial businesses are implementing HPC solutions to derive actionable business insights, to run higher performance applications and to gain a competitive advantage. In fact, according to Hyperion Research, the HPC market exceeded expectations with 6.8% growth in 2018 with continued growth expected through 2023.1

I think we can all agree that the complexities abound as high-performance computing (HPC) becomes more pervasive across industries and markets, especially as companies adopt, scale, and optimize both HPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads.

HPE and our global partners, such as Intel, collaborate, build, validate, and deliver software and hardware solutions that enable you to accelerate compute in the way that works best for your infrastructure and application choices.

Read the full article, by Bill Mannel, on insideHPC.com.

Hyperion Research Quick Take: HPC Server Market Beats Forecast for Full-Year 2018, April 2019

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