What’s New in HPC Research: Brain Mapping, Earthquakes, Energy Efficiency & More

In this bimonthly feature, HPCwire highlights newly published research in the high-performance computing (HPC) community and related domains. From parallel programming to exascale to quantum computing, the details are here.

Overcoming limitations of GPGPU computing in scientific applications

While GPU performance has improved steadily, the PCIe interconnect that connects the system host memory and the GPUs has not kept pace. In this article, written by a team from the Center for Scientific Communication and Visualization Research at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the authors explore two alternatives to limited PCIe bandwidth – Nvidia NVLink interconnects and zero-copy algorithms for shared memory heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) devices. Using benchmarks, they measure the performance of each device in various scientific applications.

Authors: Connor Kenyon, Glenn Volkema and Gaurav Khanna.

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