Univa Powers Million-core Cluster on AWS for Western Digital

Today Univa announced that Western Digital is using the company’s Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine cloud software for large-scale deployments on AWS. The purpose of this collaborative project was to build a cloud-scale HPC cluster on AWS to simulate key elements of upcoming designs for their next-generation hard disk drives.

Storage technology is amazingly complex, and we’re constantly pushing the limits of physics and engineering to deliver next-generation capacities and technical innovation,” said Steve Phillpott, CIO of Western Digital. “This successful collaboration with Univa and AWS shows the extreme scale, power and agility of cloud-based HPC to help us run complex simulations for future storage architecture analysis and materials science explorations. Using AWS to easily shrink simulation time from 20 days to 8 hours allows Western Digital R&D teams to explore new designs and innovations at a pace un-imaginable just a short time ago.

Continuing its legacy of product innovation, Western Digital turned to the cloud to determine how virtually unlimited scale could allow them to solve R&D and engineering challenges faster. With this in mind, they teamed up with Univa and AWS to evaluate the impact of running their electro-magnetic engineering simulations on a massive HPC cluster built on AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Instances.

Read the full article on Inside HPC.

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