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  • Univa Powers Million-core Cluster on AWS for Western Digital

    Today Univa announced that Western Digital is using the company’s Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine cloud software for large-scale deployments on AWS. The purpose of this collaborative project was to build a cloud-scale HPC cluster on AWS to simulate key elements of upcoming designs for their next-generation hard disk drives. Storage technology is amazingly complex, and we’re…

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  • Western Digital Drives HPC Simulation Scale on AWS

    Any on premises HPC cluster has its own limits of scale and throughput. While end users always want to run their simulations and models faster, there are often practical limits to the scale of any particular code, and even if there are not, there are economic ones. No one can have a cluster sized for…

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  • Western Digital HDD Simulation at Cloud Scale – 2.5 Million HPC Tasks, 40K EC2 Spot Instances

    Earlier this month my colleague Bala Thekkedath published a story about Extreme Scale HPC and talked about how AWS customer Western Digital built a cloud-scale HPC cluster on AWS and used it to simulate crucial elements of upcoming head designs for their next-generation hard disk drives (HDD). The simulation described in the story encompassed a little over 2.5 million tasks, and…

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