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  • Capitalizing on Hybrid Cloud in HPC

    Cloud computing became an essential infrastructure strategy for nearly every business. Last year Gartner predicted that demand for infrastructure as a service would increase by 36.8 percent. A 2018 McAfee survey found that 97 percent of organizations are using cloud services from public, private or both. Similarly, Rightscale’s 2018 cloud survey showed that 95 percent of enteprises have a cloud strategy,…

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  • Univa Survey Finds Wide Chasm for AI to Cross

    While interest in machine learning algorithms to drive artificial intelligence (AI) applications is high, a survey published this week suggests many organizations are finding it challenging to move past the AI development phase. The survey of 344 technology and IT professionals conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Univa, a provider of workload management software, finds…

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