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  • Using Converged HPC Clusters to Combine HPC, AI, and HPDA Workloads

    Forward-looking organizations are expanding their definitions of high-performance computing (HPC) to include workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) in addition to traditional HPC simulation and modeling workloads. The challenge is to run each of these individually important workloads efficiently in the data center, without wasting resources and incurring significant CAPEX…

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  • Understanding Why AI and Analytics Have to Run on HPC Clusters

    Data science is now a first-class citizen in the HPC data center, in the cloud, and on the workstation. The converse is also true, High Performance Computing (HPC) is now a high priority for data scientists who confront issues of time-to-model when training, inference latency, and of course, the ever-present need to manipulate large amounts…

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  • Intel: the Convergence of AI, HPDA, & Traditional HPC Workloads

    HPC is no longer just HPC, but rather a mix of workloads that instantiate the convergence of AI, traditional HPC modeling and simulation, and HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics). Exit the traditional HPC center that just runs modeling and simulation, and enter the world that must support the convergence of HPC-AI-HPDA computing and sometimes with specialized…

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