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  • Keys to Attracting the Newest HPC Talent – Post-Millennials

    For engineers and scientists growing up in the 80s, the current state of HPC makes perfect sense. We were schooled in Fortran, Pascal, and Macro-assembler, and frequently had to wait in line for a terminal to complete programming assignments. For Generation X and the Boomers preceding us, it was nearly impossible to graduate in a…

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  • Registration Opens for HPC User Forums in Switzerland and Scotland

    Registration is now open for a pair of HPC User Forum events coming up in October. The first event takes place Oct. 7-8 at CSCS in Lugano and the second event takes place Oct. 10-11 at EPCC in Edinburgh. The HPC User Forum Steering Committee and Hyperion Research invite interested HPC community members to reserve a seat at one or both HPC…

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  • Building Diversity and Broader Engagement in the HPC Community

    Increasing diversity and inclusion in HPC is a community-building effort. Representation of both issues and individuals matters – the more people see HPC in a way they can relate to, the more likely they will come to the field. To make this community available to anyone who might want to participate we must continue to…

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