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  • Companies aren’t Seeing all the Value They Expected from the Cloud

    Few aspects of IT have been hyped as much in recent years as the benefits of cloud computing. But new research indicates that companies are not seeing the level of gains expected. Two-thirds of large enterprises aren’t realizing the full benefits of their cloud migration strategies, and they said security and the complexity of business and…

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  • HPC Breaks Through to the Cloud: Why It Matters

    High Performance Computing (HPC) in the cloud has the potential to improve a wide variety of industries, but this trend is not impressive simply based on its potential—there are already real-world cloud applications leveraging HPC today that have led to incredible accomplishments. HPC in the cloud has enabled research into the effects of Climate Change,…

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  • High Performance Computing Racks up the Bucks

    According to Hyperion Research’s latest market update, the high performance computing business boomed last year. In a presentation last week at the company’s HPC User Forum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Hyperion chief executive officer Earl Joseph told the audience that HPC server revenue worldwide reached $13.7 billion in 2018, which was a new record….

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