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  • Advancing U.S. Weather Predictions Capabilities with Exascale HPC

    In this video from GTC 2019, Mark Govett from NOAA presents: Advancing U.S. Weather Prediction Capabilities with Exascale HPC. We’ll discuss the revolution in computing, modeling, data handling and software development that’s needed to advance U.S. weather-prediction capabilities in the exascale computing era. Creating prediction models to cloud-resolving 1 KM-resolution scales will require an estimated 1,000-10,000 times more…

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  • Univa 2019 Predictions: More HPC Cloud Migration and Machine Learning

    Here is a short selection of Gary Tyreman’s predictions. 1)  Hybrid and dedicated clouds will drive massive growth in machine learning (ML) projects Machine learning is poised for explosive growth over the next two years with an increasing number of projects moving into production by 2020, based on a recent survey of more than 344 technology and…

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