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  • Enterprise-grade SingularityPRO to be offered on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

    Sylabs, a leading provider of container runtime solutions for Trusted Enterprise Performance Computing (TEPC), announced today that it has entered into a multi-phase collaboration with Google Cloud as a Technology Partner. Aimed at systematically addressing enterprise requirements in a cloud-native fashion, the first phase of the collaboration will be based upon availability of Sylabs’ SingularityPRO…

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  • Google’s Record-Setting Pi Calculation Showcases The Rise Of Cloud Scientific Computing

    In honor of Pi Day, Google announced today that one of its Developer Advocates had completed a record-setting computation of Pi to 31.4 trillion decimal places. On a technical front, the computation presents a fascinating look at the kinds of creative workflows achievable within the cloud, but more importantly, it reminds us how much the world of scientific computing…

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  • Google wants Cloud Services to Borg Your Datacenter

    Timothy Prickett Morgan and Google’s Urs Hölzle discuss Google’s Cloud Services Platform hybrid stack, and Google’s intentions with it. It has been our position from the beginning, when Google first open sourced the Kubernetes container controller, that it wanted for this to be the controller that ruled the datacenter. Having created its own Borg and Omega…

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