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  • Public Cloud Services Grow HPC Market, but Work Remains

    Public cloud providers are always searching for ways to extend their reach, and one of the ways they’ve advanced those efforts is with high-performance computing. AWS, Microsoft and Google are having success with high-performance computing (HPC) services because of the convenience they offer for enterprises. That’s because HPC requires sizable investments in data center equipment,…

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  • CloudSkills.fm Ep 032: High Performance Computing in the Cloud

    In this episode I had a chance to chat with Rob Lalonde VP & GM of Cloud at Univa Corporation. We discuss high performance computing (HPC) and why cloud providers now offer HPC nodes with state-of-the-art CPUs, GPUs, and high-performance storage and networking. -Mike Pfeiffer, 2019 Listen to the full podcast on CloudSkills.fm.

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