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  • What’s New in HPC Research: The Race to Exascale, Reproducibility, TensorFlow & More

    In this bimonthly feature, HPCwire highlights newly published research in the HPC community and related domains. From parallel programming to exascale to quantum computing, the details are here. Charting the race to exascale in Europe The European Union has been doubling down on its commitment to HPC with initiatives like EuroHPC. In this paper, authors from the…

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  • Advancing U.S. Weather Predictions Capabilities with Exascale HPC

    In this video from GTC 2019, Mark Govett from NOAA presents: Advancing U.S. Weather Prediction Capabilities with Exascale HPC. We’ll discuss the revolution in computing, modeling, data handling and software development that’s needed to advance U.S. weather-prediction capabilities in the exascale computing era. Creating prediction models to cloud-resolving 1 KM-resolution scales will require an estimated 1,000-10,000 times more…

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