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  • Hybrid Cloud: Weighing up What to Run in the Cloud and On-Premise

    Within large, enterprise IT environments, senior management are increasingly pushing their IT department to pinpoint applications and services that could be pushed off into the cloud for performance, cost and resiliency reasons. But how do you go about deciding what should run where, and which workloads might be better off running where they are now?…

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  • Data Management: The Elephant in the Room for HPC Hybrid Cloud

    Robert Lalonde, Senior VP at Univa Corporation discusses the solutions for data storage and movement in the cloud. He provides useful tips for anyone considering HPC Hybrid Clouds, including budgeting from the outset, the usefulness of data tiering, and more. Lalonde also addresses what is the elephant in the room for HPC Hybrid Cloud: handling…

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  • Univa Powers Million-core Cluster on AWS for Western Digital

    Today Univa announced that Western Digital is using the company’s Navops Launch and Univa Grid Engine cloud software for large-scale deployments on AWS. The purpose of this collaborative project was to build a cloud-scale HPC cluster on AWS to simulate key elements of upcoming designs for their next-generation hard disk drives. Storage technology is amazingly complex, and we’re…

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