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  • Video: HPC for Instabilities in Aerospace Propulsion Systems

    In this video from PASC 2019, Thierry Poinsot from Toulouse Fluid Mechanics Institute presents: HPC for Instabilities in Aerospace Propulsion Systems. Combustion produces more than 80 percent of the world’s energy. This will continue for a long time as the global energy growth remains much larger than what new renewable energies can provide. Our civilization must…

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  • Innovative Use of HPC in the Cloud for AI, CFD, & LifeScience

    In this video from the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference, Ebru Taylak from the UberCloud presents: Innovative Use of HPC in the Cloud for AI, CFD & LifeScience. Scientists today have access to advanced tools and software to simulate complex behavior and interactions within their disciplines. However, typical workstations often do not provide enough compute power to solve their problems….

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  • Pratt and Whitney Launches HPC to the Cloud to Push Jet Engine Design

    HPC and the cloud have an uneasy, lukewarm relationship. Some corporations running HPC environments take the view that they have the infrastructure and software capabilities they need to run their own often massive workloads and taking on the networking costs, security concerns and management hassles of running applications and keep data in the cloud doesn’t make…

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