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  • High Performance Computing and the Hybrid Cloud

    High performance computing in the cloud is beginning to make inroads into the enterprise. The stage is being set for the widespread adoption of hybrid HPC systems that combine on-premise services with public cloud capabilities. But the reality is that this is not going to happen overnight. On cloud computing and HPC in the hybrid…

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  • Universities Leverage High-Performance Computing for Multiple Returns on Investment

    If you build it, they will come — or, at the very least, if you don’t build it, they’ll probably go somewhere else. The “it” here refers to high-performance computing resources, and “they” refers to talented faculty members. More and more, HPC is becoming a competitive differentiator for institutions vying for top researchers. As computing power becomes increasingly commoditized (and…

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  • Top Ten Ways AI Affects HPC in 2019

    AI workloads are becoming ubiquitous, including running on the world’s fastest computers — thereby changing what we call HPC forever. As every organization plans for the future, AI workloads are on our minds — how do they affect programming, software needs, hardware demands, and training needs? In the upcoming year, specialists and AI experts will continue…

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