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  • CloudSkills.fm Ep 032: High Performance Computing in the Cloud

    In this episode I had a chance to chat with Rob Lalonde VP & GM of Cloud at Univa Corporation. We discuss high performance computing (HPC) and why cloud providers now offer HPC nodes with state-of-the-art CPUs, GPUs, and high-performance storage and networking. -Mike Pfeiffer, 2019 Listen to the full podcast on CloudSkills.fm.

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  • AWS vs Azure vs Google: What’s the Best Cloud Platform for Enterprise?

    The adoption of cloud computing has quickly become a key driving force for businesses today, as applications are moved out of on-premise data centres in a bid to cut costs and increase agility. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is a model where a third-party provider hosts and maintains core infrastructure, including hardware, software, servers and storage on behalf…

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