Sylabs Delivers Singularity Enterprise

Sylabs this week made generally available Singularity Enterprise, which combines a set of DevOps and security services with an open source Singularity container engine optimized for high-performance applications involving large amounts of data.

Company CEO Gregory Kurtzer says Singularity Enterprise makes it easier to keep track of the provenance of all the data within a containerized application by tracking cryptographically signed containers. Singularity Enterprise advances that effort by providing access to Remote Builder, which enables building containers in the Singularity Image Format (SIF) without requiring privileged access to shared resources. In addition, Remote Builder makes it easier to incorporate Singularity containers within a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) environment, he adds.

Singularity Enterprise also provides access to Keystore, which allows users to exchange key certificates to verify digital signatures in SIF files, and Container Library, which allows SIF files to be shared in a way that maintains a versioned history of containers to satisfy audit requirements. Kurtzer says enterprise IT organizations should expect to see Sylabs expand on those capabilities by making it possible to encrypt data within containers at rest and manage secrets within a containerized application.

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