Personalized Healthcare with HPC in the Cloud

In this video from the HPC User Forum, Wolfgang Gentzsch from the UberCloud presents: Personalized Healthcare with HPC in the Cloud.

The concept of personalized medicine has its roots deep in genomic research. Indeed, the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 marked a critical milestone for the field. That project took $3 billion over 13 years. Today, thanks to technological progress, a similar sequencing task would take only about $4,000 and a few weeks. Such computational power is possible thanks to cloud technology, which eliminates the barriers to high performance computing by removing software and hardware constraints.”
-Wolfgang Gentzsch, 2019

But while our knowledge of the human genome offers incredible promise for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, it is certainly not the only source of advancements in personalized medicine. Accelerated by cloud-based technologies, computational simulations are an ideal tool for personalized medicine. They can help identify which treatments are most likely to be effective for an individual patient, which can reduce the risk of unnecessarily treating a patient with an expensive, risky or highly invasive protocol.

Title slide from Personalized Healthcare with HPC in Cloud presentation.

Title slide from “Personalized Healthcare with HPC in the Cloud” presentation.

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