Making the Most of Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

The decision to adopt different platforms is often influenced by a number of factors, including the desire for greater efficiency or a wider selection of capabilities. Office 365, for example, is among the most popular platforms available today thanks in large part to the versatility of its applications. Yet another motivation for cloud-to-cloud migration is the need to complete a digital transformation. Organisations interested in expediently fulfilling transformation goals often consider new cloud platforms.

But even if an organisation pinpoints a platform that’s worth migrating to, there are a few risks that need to be addressed before a migration takes place. From exposing sensitive data to welcoming unauthorised devices, shadow IT can keep organisations from making a secure migration and finishing their digital transformation.

Solving for security

Shadow IT is not unique to any one organisation. Regardless of their industry or size, businesses can expect to see some employees using technology that hasn’t been approved by their IT department. In some cases, the desire to leverage unsupported apps or devices is driven by convenience. Instead of trying to grow accustomed to technology that comes with a new cloud platform, employees may find it easier to continue using solutions from a previous platform.

While familiarity with technology may lead to greater productivity, the decision to forgo approved solutions can open the door to serious security concerns. For example, customer or employee data might fall into the wrong hands if unauthorised technology is called upon to complete a task or transaction.

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