Key Considerations for AI and HPC in the Cloud or On-Premises

As organizations push forward with artificial intelligence and high performance computing initiatives, a strategic question often arises: Could we get there faster and more affordably, and get more of what we need via the cloud, rather than building our own on-premises environment?

This debate is the topic of a new white paper by Moor Insights & Strategy, titled “AI and HPC: Cloud or On-Premises Hosting.”  In this paper commissioned by Dell EMC, the research firm explores some of the common considerations that help organizations determine whether to build and host their AI applications in a public cloud or build on-premises HPC infrastructure to support their AI needs. For most organizations, this isn’t a straightforward question.

“While the industry trend is clearly to move new applications to the cloud, AI and HPC workloads have performance, data requirements, and utilization characteristics that could lead one to go in the opposite direction,” Moor Insights & Strategy notes.

To help organizations explore this all-important question, the research firm walks through common factors that determine where AI and HPC workloads should be hosted.

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