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  • IT Pros see a Role for High-Performance Computing in Business

    Four-fifths of UK IT staff link the practical application of high-performance computing (HPC) with maintaining a competitive advantage in the next five years, according to a survey of 903 IT professionals by Censuswide. Although HPC is traditionally linked to scientific research, the majority (87%) of UK IT staff questioned in the survey agreed that HPC systems now hold massive…

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  • Hybrid Cloud: Weighing up What to Run in the Cloud and On-Premise

    Within large, enterprise IT environments, senior management are increasingly pushing their IT department to pinpoint applications and services that could be pushed off into the cloud for performance, cost and resiliency reasons. But how do you go about deciding what should run where, and which workloads might be better off running where they are now?…

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  • AWS Skills Collaboration Gives Rise to Two-Year Pre-University Cloud Qualification

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is joining forces with the Career Colleges Trust to create a qualification in cloud computing that will be offered through further education institutions and universities across the UK from early next year. The two-year course will provide students with a pre-university qualification that could either pave the way for them to…

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