An Actionable Road Map For Cloud Migration

While enough has been said about the new possibilities and efficiencies offered by the cloud, both public and private, cloud transformations can still prove to be pressure-packed situations for the CIOs. They’re constantly encouraging standardization across the organization and employee productivity — all in the name of ensuring cost savings throughout the changes that are implemented. Moving to the cloud takes a lot of planning, starting with application discovery, organizational readiness and assessments. But just how ready is your business?

In a hurry to start leveraging and capitalizing on the benefits of the cloud, IT architects often fail to take into account some of the most critical considerations — business case analysis, cloud readiness assessment and creating a migration plan that aligns with their business priorities.

Businesses understand why they should be on the cloud. However, for the most part, the challenge lies in understanding how to get there. Cloud consultants and solution providers perform assessments to judge a client’s readiness for cloud migration. As businesses demand more value from the cloud, along with flexibility and agility, the need for a comprehensive business case analysis encompassing the total cost of ownership (TCO) becomes more fundamental. Such an in-depth infrastructure analysis will not just translate into a seamless cloud migration process, but it will also provide the clarity organizations need to plan their budgets and costs.

Why Haven’t Some Companies Made The Move Yet?

Companies fully understand the benefits cloud computing brings along — from greater flexibility to more optimized costs. Gartner suggests, through 2022, enterprise IT spending on cloud-based offerings will supersede growth in non-cloud offerings, making cloud the most disruptive forces in IT markets. Moreover, as the cloud has entered its second decade, more and more businesses moved away from mere auditioning to enterprise-wide implementation of cloud solutions.

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