5 Key Factors to Assess Before Cloud Migration, According to SAS

Migration of business operations to the cloud – or at least a hybrid cloud migration – is a move every executive should be considering, and those business operations must include analytics.

According to IDC, 29 per cent of analytics will be in the cloud by 2022.

Steve Holder, the national strategy executive of AI and analytics for SAS Institute (Canada) Inc., spoke with ITbusiness.ca at SAS’s Cloud Analytics – It’s About Time: Analytic Executive Breakfast Session event about the benefits that can be realized from migrating to the cloud.

“The reasons why people are adopting cloud are very simple, right? Elasticity, speed, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of time to value, high availability, solving some of the chronic problems people have with on-premise solutions,” said Holder.

Despite these benefits, Holder warned that he sees six key factors to consider before moving forward with a cloud migration of your analytics.

Read the full list on ITBusiness.ca.

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